BELIEVE that what makes you VULNERABLE makes you BEAUTIFUL!

We are wired for connection.

Our biochemistry (think anti-stress hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine) and our nervous system evolved in tribal communities where our chances of survival were increased through our social connection.
We learned what we needed to survive from our families and elders in the tribe.

Because of this, we learn, grow, and heal more easily in connected relationships.

Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

But here is the paradox…

We have to allow ourselves to be seen and heard (to be vulnerable) to have connection.

Connection is the result of authenticity.

But our fear that we are unworthy of connection – that we are unlovable, that we don’t belong, that we are not good enough, that we are not understood, etc. – is a major barrier to allowing ourselves to be seen…

…and we all have some form of these fears…

…so we hide.

And when we hide, it shows up in the body as chronic muscle tension – a hard barrier of protection that keeps our vulnerabilities contained inside and harsh circumstances outside.

We numb our feelings.

We pretend that we are unaffected at great cost to ourselves, because when we numb our feelings, we can’t selectively numb the unpleasant ones. When we numb one, we numb them all.

We feel more alive when we stop numbing feelings and allow our vulnerability.
Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, joy, gratitude, and meaningful life.
I help you reconnect to yourself through your body and help you feel seen and heard without skipping over the hard parts so you can heal your deepest hurts and feel acceptance for yourself.

When you feel acceptance for yourself, everything changes.

And you”ll begin to believe that what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.

Photo by permission of my two beautiful nieces.


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