Salve for the Soul

My business coach asked a group of us what we had been white washing or hiding in our lives a few days ago.

I have been pondering this question for a bit.

Because I live pretty honestly, I couldn’t come up with anything – not that I don’t think there is anything… It is just unconscious. I share as soon as I become aware.

Then today, I had a Rosen session.

I became aware of a hurt that I quit sharing about, because the people who were involved couldn’t see or hear my hurt – sharing with them just kept putting more hurt on top of the original hurt.

It was good to let it be seen and heard today – salve for the soul.

My body softened and I felt like I belonged more in this world again.

It was also interesting that because the hurt had been expressed (many times) but rejected as invalid, I had to be given permission – to be told that my hurt was justified – before I could drop in to my vulnerability.

Of course I knew cognitively that my hurt was justified, but being dismissed or having my hurt passed over and unacknowledged by others (which is familiar) tripped that old hiding my feelings habit.

I needed help getting out.

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