Do you ever feel like you have to hide your feelings to be lovable or accepted?

Are you in pain or want to move through your life more easily?

Have you traveled away from the person you truly are or want to be?

I believe that our histories and experience get held in our bodies – either from one time time traumatic situations (as an adult or as a child) or from habitual ways we’ve experienced life (think childhood upbringing – the kind of repeated experiences that can’t help but to have effected how your nervous system developed) get held in our bodies.

Your story is different from mine (you can read about mine at About Meg), but we all hold our stories in our bodies. I believe that though our habitual muscle tension, our bodies make a statement about what we have had to do to survive the difficulties of our lives and that the habitual tension in our bodies holds our long held beliefs, attitudes and memories.

Get in touch with the story your body holds.

Receive help being present in those places that are hard for you to be.

Receive help connecting with your body and to unconscious feelings held by habitual tension.

Receive what you need to breathe and move through your life more easily.

Find your road home.

Find Your Road Home: A single one-on-one 60 minute private Rosen Method Bodywork Session.  more details

Stepping Stone Introductory Series: Two one-on-one 60 minute private Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions.  more details

From Grit to Grace: Ongoing private Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions. more details


“I remember feeling brightened and relaxed after my first Rosen Method Bodywork session with Meg Butler. I had gone to her seeking relief from unremitting grief following the death of a friend. After a second session, a long-standing pattern of stiffness and pain that had plagued my left shoulder since childhood simply dissolved. Remarkably, I could not recreate the pattern nor even quite remember what it was like. It had been there for 40 years and then it was gone. It has never returned. After another session or two with Meg, my eyesight changed. I began to see more color and see it more brightly. At first, I thought it was just an unusually beautiful day, but when it continued that way for several days, even cloudy ones, I realized that it was my capacity for perception that had changed. It was something in my nervous system. Clearly it was related to the sessions with Meg. I kept this to myself a while, which was also something new. I began to learn to hold a profound thing close and dear making it my own before I talk about it.

Based on the mosaic of these experiences, I decided to try weekly sessions for a year to sees what else might be found. That was June of 2012, and I am still coming weekly for Rosen Method Bodywork. Not all the changes have been as dramatic but Rosen Method is an important part of my meditative and personal growth practices. It has helped immeasurably with the expected aches of life both in my middle-aged body and in the ageless heart that I come to explore more and more. I have a new relationship with my body as integral to myself and a new experience of myself as process embodied.

I have had sessions with other practitioners of Rosen Method so I have a basis from which to speak. I have experienced many styles of bodywork and was myself a massage therapist before I became and Acupuncturist. Rosen Method is quite unique in the panorama of bodywork techniques available and Meg is a master of this method. It is not too much to say that Meg Butler’s work with me has been life-changing and all to the good.”

Miranda B., Los Angeles