Finding Your Road Home

Finding Your Road Home: A 60 minute Private Rosen Method Session
This offer is for adults who are looking for relaxation, freedom from pain, and personal growth by connecting with their body and exploring how the chronic tension held in their body connects to their past experiences and impacts their present experience. $170.

  • Experience deep relaxation.
  • Resource your body so you can understand how body posture influences how you feel, how you relate in the world , and how you engage with the world.
  • Receive attention that helps you stay present in places in your body that are hard for you to be and thereby increase your capacity for embodied awareness and for mindfulness.
  • Feel seen and heard – when our hurts are not seen and heard by those who are close to us or by our culture, it adds another layer of hurt on top of the original hurt, and when it is seen, we can let it go.
  • Receive help listening to the story that your body tells in your habitually held (unconscious) tension and explore how you are carrying your past experiences into the present moment.
  • Access long held beliefs, attitudes and feelings through your body so that your beliefs and attitudes can become conscious enhancing choice – when beliefs and attitudes are unconscious, you have no choice about how they impact your life.
  • Give yourself the space to be present with what is, let go of the negative feelings, and enhance positive feelings to support change in your nervous system so that you can allow for new possibilities to arise in your life.

I am so grateful for the work that I have received from Meg. Before I came in for a Rosen Method session, I was struggling with severe anxiety and stress. I was disconnected from myself, and I was very overwhelmed. I was not sleeping, and I was struggling with many physical symptoms.

I booked a session with Meg, because I felt so disconnected from myself. It took me some time to unwind my thoughts. Meg approached me with kindness and gentleness while she worked with my body and helping me get in touch with myself. I felt like we were both listening to my body to reveal places where I was stuck. By the time I left, I felt reunited with myself. I was able to step back into compassion and acceptance for myself and the results were lasting. I still feel more in touch with what is really happening for me and less closed to the world and to those I love most.

Angela T.
Early Childhood Teacher, Santa Barbara

Email ( or call Meg at 805.684.0356 to book a time for a 10 to 15 minute conversation to talk about whether this work is right for you (Rosen Method is contraindicated for some people) and to book a session.

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