From Grit to Grace

From Grit to Grace: Private ongoing Rosen Method Sessions
One-on-one private Rosen Method Bodywork sessions for adults with a commitment to 6 or more ongoing sessions scheduled at regular intervals (usually once per week or every other week) in my office, because becoming conscious is an ongoing process. Sliding Scale between $200 – $110 per 60 minute session.

  • Experience deep relaxation.


  • Resource your body so you can understand how body posture influences how you feel, how you relate in the world, and how you engage with the world.


  • Receive attention that helps you stay present in places in your body that are hard for you to be, and thereby increase your capacity for embodied awareness and for mindfulness.


  • Feel seen and heard – when our hurt is not seen or heard by those we love or by our culture, it adds another layer of hurt on top of the original hurt, and when it is seen and heard, we can let it go.


  • Receive help listening to the story that your body tells in your habitually held (unconscious) tension and explore how you are carrying your past experiences into the present moment.


  • Access long held beliefs, attitudes and feelings through your body so that your beliefs and attitudes can become conscious enhancing choice – when beliefs and attitudes are unconscious, you have no choice about how they impact your life.


  • Give yourself the space to be present with what is, let go of the negative feelings, and enhance positive feelings to support change in your nervous system, so that you can allow for new possibilities to arise in your life.


  • Find out what is important to you so that you can reach for what you want, increase your capacity for intimacy, and bring more meaning in your life.


  • Connect to deeper tension that holds the harder to budge beliefs and attitudes that require the patience and persistence of and ongoing process.


  • Have control over the frequency of sessions and pace of your process so that you feel less stressed and safe – some clients may want to come in more frequently, because their holdings are more unconscious, some may want to come in less often to slow down the pace of awarenesses surfacing.


  • Sliding Fee Scale based on your ability to pay – financial stress is not good for your overall health.


  • People at the top of the scale help people at the middle and bottom end of the scale get the help they need – helping others is actually good for the health of the person helping.

I have had a long and extremely rewarding working relationship with Meg Butler. She is knowledgeable, professional, warm and compassionate. In our work together I have let go of much of the muscular armoring in my body that has kept me from experiencing the love available to me in my life. If you are looking for bodywork in Santa Barbara, I recommend Meg without reservation.

John B., Santa Barbara, Property Developer

Email ( or phone Meg at (805) 684-0356 to book a 10 to 15 minute conversation to see if this work is right for you (Rosen Method is contraindicated for some individuals) and to book a session.

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